where are my Independence Day cards?

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Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:

I had Canada Day cards. Are you some America hating woke corporation? I demand my Independence Day cards, you commies !


  • I can no longer tell if people are kidding.

  • Which is more disturbing - Is it a joke or not a joke.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 4

    Also-the Independence Day cards are right there-with all the colors. Thank you. They're great!

    Again, if Normal Cards are an option, the holiday cards are present.

  • Maybe they are color blind?

  • kat14kat14 REGISTERED

    Maybe they were expecting the icons to change (flags & eagles or something) instead of just a color change. Actually, for the first millisecond I thought the black had just faded some.

  • @cherryduckface I really hope you’re kidding, because if you aren’t I find your comment extremely rude. Even if you are just kidding, your comment is a little over the top. Just my personal opinion.

  • No joke, these are aggressive true colours from @cherryduckface. Their only other discussion comment was in July 2019 when they wrote:
    What would you like to see? where are my holiday cards? are you biting the hand that feeds you? are you a spoiled little antifa? why were there Canada Day cards but no 4th of July cards? are you selfish little liberals who hate your country?


    Thanks for the reminder, @fingsaint. Maybe the color change was too subtle for @cherryduckface?

  • ggmaterreggmaterre REGISTERED
    edited July 5

    It's too late now, but might we have for the 4th of July next year in addition to the color change, which I love, changes to the suits? My suggestions include: fireworks sprays (1color), flags, mini-scrolls (representing Declaration of Independence), stars and tri-corner hats, etc. Just a thought.

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