=played for 2 months, never won a game. frustrating

Game: gaps
Game #: 727417586

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  • Practice, practice? When I start a new version of solitaire, it usually takes me a couple months before I get the hang of it, have practiced enough to get decent scores. Freecell is popular, and many games are winable; give that a try.

  • Don't worry about it.Play on and enjoy.We all go through these stages,it'll come in time.

  • It just takes patience - you will get there.

  • I know what you mean. I always thought the scores were fake until I'd played for more than a couple months. I won't own up to how many months, but several barely covers it.......:-)

  • practice makes it better

  • As mentioned above you might want to try other games as well. Some just seem to come more naturally and with a heck of a lot of practice you can become proficient. Also, you'll eventually find players of a similar skill level and it can be fun to challenge yourself to stay with them. The nice part of greenfelt is you can enjoy a multitude of games as either casual fun or challenging competition. Either way, enjoy the journey!

  • Have you tried Addiction? It seems to be the same game with just one more shuffle. Maybe that would improve your odds. Also, you would be able to see more players scores since Gap is one of the "secret" games. I still haven't found a strategy for it, maybe one day I'll crack it!

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