your hands are pitiful

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  • Whose hands are those?

  • My hands are small, I know
    But they're not yours, they are my own

  • Arborists, I bet those that know you think your hands are perfect for you.

  • Ah! Graeme, the hand is the hand of Jesus but the voice is the voice of Jacob. I think

  • @gmaterre Thank you :) The quote is from a lovely song by Jewel.

  • Well my hand aren't the best in the world , thou as said they are mine.
    as mentioned 1,000's of times (exaggerated guess) my friend Sage , posts this and many other in regards to over 9999999999 or close to a billion of dealt hands on most games on this site , so plenty of hands to play
    and many more posts you can find in the forums. 👋

    edited November 21

    Hello @riverrat55 I haven't said that in a while, so I'd almost forgotten it. I'm glad someone pays attention to what I say, once in a while. :)

    @Jacksi You could always get a deck of cards and start dealing and see if your hands are any better. Or perhaps with more practice you might find Green Felt's hands get better.

  • I must admit I have addressed that to my hands after missing a 4 ft putt for a birdie , BUT rewarded them after with holding a cold pint on a hot day !!!!

  • lol, Thanks Sage as it had been awhile, as it took a few minutes to find you mentioning it. Happy Holidays to everyone , let's hope we all get some new mittens for our hands for Christmas as it is gonna be a cold one everywhere

  • Esau - thank you spell check

  • Hello Jacksi.We'll all be looking at our hands now.Never mind.Have a nice hand-warming Xmas.

  • Graeme, I remember that Jewel song. A lovely song. And if I could, I wish, and give, mittens to everyone. Much warmer than gloves.😊

  • Not everywhere Riverrat, it will be hot and humid as heck in Australia

  • Hello gmaterre.What a lovely thought.Mittens Takes me back to my childhood.Smoky breath,rosy cheeks and an overwhelming sense of excitement and anticipation for Xmas and what it may bring.Happy,innocent days when I was young.Stay safe.

  • Thanks jabba , I could deal with a little bit of those warm temperatures as am not use to the unusual cold spells here as normally it is warm even at this time of year

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