Love the game! What are points for?

Hi Greenfelt. Love playing free cell on your site. What are the points for? Are they accumulated somewhere (sorry…I’m new to contacting you or looking at discussions). Are statistics kept on the top 100 players at any one time? I ask you to consider a ranking based not on time but on games solved. The only issue I have with this game is I think some people are simply banging away on keyboards hoping to hit the right sequence to solve in 30 seconds or less. I’m highly skeptical as to the authenticity of these results and frankly don’t believe they are playing the same “thinking” game vs. “Athletic” game. Just a thought. Thank you for many hours of fun.


  • People who win fast on Greenfelt are usually using Super Moves.

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited November 13

    Points are not a greenfelt payout - only satisfaction for a game well played. There are tickets paid out, however, to Star Members with paid up dues.

  • Ptownpapa, are my dues still current? I've lost track. You know how I love to collect those tickets.

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
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    I believe you're up to date but I would check with graeme, it's his quarter as Bursar. AND I just had a sneak
    peak at the new stuff we can get for tickets! OUTRAGEOUS!! Jim and David have made the Star dues worth it.

  • No tickets for those who are behind on subscriptions.Don't forget Xmas is coming.............and the Goose is getting fat.Plenty of goodies for Star members.Take care.

  • A Joyous Noel to you graeme, and a safe lively, fun, loving, and worthwhile New year. Love and hugs to Chris. Keep your dues up to date. I've always wondered though - how does Goose taste? What wine would go with it? Beer? Mead! Be safe, enjoy the games.

  • AND the same to gmaterre and all who enjoy this wonderful site!

  • My father used to always say "full as a Christmas goose". Funny, but I thought that wasn't a good thing 🤔😉


    Hi @Bareid, welcome!

    You can sort by moves (or time) by clicks the column title “Moves” (or “Time”). We don’t have a games won sort since it would further encourage people who like to redeal until they get an easy game. We’re fine with that, but prefer not to make that the metric to optimize for. People sometimes do bang at the bottom card in each Free Cell column. The fact that that’s an effective strategy is a sign that Free Cell is not all that hard and that simple techniques (made faster by Green Felt’s super moves) can often be enough to win quickly. Still, learn the the super moves and you’ll find your own time decreasing rapidly too! There’s a lot there under the surface to make playing efficient.

    Have fun,

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