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mozkitomozkito REGISTERED

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if it was already requested, but I think a relaxed mode (no time, no scoring and thus no leaderboard) would be a good option for casual players (like me and others :smile:), so sit back, relax and play some solitaire :relieved:


  • Just don't look at the leaderboard or the scoring. You don't HAVE to compare yourself to others. As you said, just relax and enjoy the games.

  • I like the relaxed mode request @mozkito 🙂 Good idea 👍

  • how would "relax mode" be any different than the way it is now?

  • I know I can just ignore the leaderboards @kat14 , but the thing is that whenever we want to go casual the game over screen will be only something that shows "It's over" (or variants) without saving scores and times.

    It's about this @tucsonsky

  • i still don't understand what ur problem is, the scores and times have no effect on ur game play .. .. .. r u saying that u r not capable of just clicking "new game" without reading the scores and/or times?

  • ambience @tucsonsky ambience ✌️

  • ambien f'ingsaint, ambien B)

  • I'm only here to relax and enjoy the games. Occasionally I compete against myself. Scores aren't important to me. It's a win if I finish the game. I don't check the leaderboard.

  • What's wrong with a nice whisky,or two?That will relax you,but may not improve you'r game.A couple more and you will be unable to see the score-board and couldn't care less.Play on and enjoy.Stay safe everyone

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited September 26

    This thread is proof that some people find it difficult to enjoy slowing down and taking a deep breath. Always a
    need to rush and DO SOMETHING!!! graeme I salute you, but I prefer a nice dark beer or a stout.

  • graeme I like the way you think. Whiskey, wine or beer sounds good. Still a bit early here but it's 5 o'clock somewhere, right. If @tucsonsky doesn't prefer to relax, that might explain her dance videos, CRAZY!!!! Anyway, graeme I missed seeing you on Klondike or forum for a couple days and was a bit worried about you. Hope you and Chris are still doing well and as you say, stay safe and play on. XOXO

  • tucsonskytucsonsky REGISTERED
    edited September 26

    so binky, instead of alcohol u should have a nice big glass of prune juice, it will make u feel better .. .. .. :)

  • I feel great, just hate you weird dance videos. They just take up precious space.

  • tucsonskytucsonsky REGISTERED
    edited September 26

    if u hate them, why do u look at them?


    If you press give up before your last move, we won’t show the high score table.

  • Believe me, it only takes about 3 seconds to know they're weird, so I don't watch them.

  • Awwwww, I like the dance/musical videos that tucsonsky posts. They're beautiful and entertaining and I get the feeling of being exposed to different cultures. :)

  • Hello binky3.All fine here.Busy in the garden these last few weeks now that Autumn has arrived.Still playing the game of the day but there are some very good players around now,a lot quicker completing the games than myself.It's good to see more players doing well on these games and it should encourage more to have a go.It's what the games are enjoy.Take care.

  • howdy justhere! always a pleasure to read ur positive comments! ty :)

  • You're very welcome, tucsonsky. Hope you're having a really good evening/night. :)

  • Well, i guess i'm an outlier because I like a little competition. I dont get upset if i lose though. Just tip my metaphorical cap.

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