first versus fastest score

I play for my own enjoyment and part of that is seeing how I am doing compared to familiar names on the leader board. I do ok, but there seems to be names I never beat. But today I selected first score, not fastest and nobody I used to see is even on the board! I guess they play over and over to get it as fast as possible, you know, 26 seconds! I guess I will just need to get used to new names.



    The reason we added the “first” checkbox was so that people who liked to be fastest by playing over and over again wouldn’t have to log out or switch to their ALT account and could see their best against the best, and it would be easier for people who want to play once to compare with people who think likewise. It’s still open for abuse, but that’s the idea.

  • keep hitting 'em out of the park on Klondike this morning. I keep trying to catch up to you but just not fast enough. Hope it's not as hot there as it is on this side of the pond. Love, hugs and kisses to you and Chris....binky

  • Hello binky3,riverrat,homedoggy and all my other fellow players.A nice,cool 21 degrees here with the odd gentle shower.A wet Welsh sunday.Just had my breakfast of porridge,blueberries,apricots,honey and milk,bursting with energy and ready to read the paper and play solitaire.Perhaps both at the same time.In regards to Klondike,I win some,lose some,it's all the same to me.I do what I have always done in life,I just play on.Enjoy you'r game,enjoy you'r life my friends.I'll have to pop downstairs shortly to see how Chris is getting on with the cooking.I always like to give her my support and encouragement in times of stress.........chicken for lunch.A big hug to you all.I'm not sure about the kisses.I'll reserve that for binky3 and my female greenfelters.

  • On second thoughts,regarding Chris's stress levels,I had better stay away from the kitchen.It's safer.Bye all.

  • Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. Give Chris a BIG hug and tell her it's from binky. We have to keep her calm and happy. I'm sure y'all deserve a really good day.

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