I do not believe any human being could beat a game in 7 seconds using 82 moves!! Impossible!!!

Game: freecell
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Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:


  • Please read the FAQ and see examples of games. It's done by quite a few human players evey day.

  • Here we go again!

  • gmaterregmaterre REGISTERED
    edited August 3

    Explaining how fast one can complete a game should be the first step towards signing up for greenfelt.net. It surely would solve the many questions about how such speeds occur. And eliminate many of the redundant, annoying questions.

  • I'll stick with the pet pictures, thank you

  • nobody is born with the knowledge of how to play on the greenfelt website, we all learn as we go .. .. .. david has already asked us to be patient and kind to the new players who haven't found their way around the site yet .. .. .. how about cutting the newbies some slack instead of admonishing them for their lack of knowledge?

    this site is for anyone who wants to play on it, it is not anyone's personal facebook page, ahem

  • tucsonsky, I totally agree! When I first came on here, it took me a long time before I commented on anything for fear of being excoriated by the "group". Sure enough, first time I did...a snarky, smart aleck remark was the answer to my question. :(

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited August 3

    I merely directed the poster to the FAQ where he can see examples of the speed he says is impossible.

    And I willl once again state that the first thing any visitor to Green Felt should do is check the FAQ. Because that's how you learn your way around Green Felt or any site. Check the FAQ-it's called that because those are the questions frequently asked and the answers are readily available.

  • justhere, i know exactly what ur talking about and i'm sorry u had that experience .. .. .. we r tribal by nature, if u r in the tribe others will tell lies for u, if u r not they will tell lies against u .. .. .. and thats where politics begins 🤓 i prefer to sit out the politics and tribal stuff and sit on the sidelines with a cuppa, watch and laff 😜

  • LOL...politics! :)

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited August 4

    @CarlJr , please check the FAQ (if you ever check back on your post) and note all the examples of what you think is impossible. They were submitted by actual players who have mastered Super Moves and can win the games in amazing times.

  • LOL .. .. .. indeed! 😂

  • justherejusthere REGISTERED
    edited August 4

    tucsonsky, let me add a couple of footnotes here: On the incident I cited above, I must say that riverrat immediately jumped to my rescue. :). And, I've had some good times interacting with others on here. Barzonymous and I had a very nice conversation the other day about cats. I think that's what started the post your pet thing. :). So, there have been more positive experiences than negative. And, barzonymous, I do believe that suggesting some check the FAQ's is the most sensible answer to these questions. :). All in all, I'm having a great time on this site! And, thank you, tucsonsky, for understanding. :). (And, I paid attention when barzonymous explained this editing thing to someone else so I could edit this.....so, thanks barzonymous.) smiley. (Oops....I knew if I kept messing with this, I'd mess it up. LOL)


    @barzonymous, please provide the URL when directing people to the FAQ: https://greenfelt.net/faq

  • Will do.

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