I wish I could delete my post instead of just editing it.

Sometimes-a response is not as well thought out as I wanted it to be -or posted in haste. Sometimes, no amount of editing works or I miss the 4 hr window for editing. I would love to be able to delete a post. Anytime. Just a thought.


  • agreed , good idea am not a computer techie as some are, still haven't figured out the editing still as of yet. Been a few times would liked to of deleted my post , Hopefully it can be worked on as an Option to delete comment.(Hint to to Jim and David)

  • I've also felt that way (more times than I'd like to admit). Although I've figured out the edit feature, my "foot in mouth" syndrome make me wish I'd been more kind. Could you, would you, think about that as an option oh great and kind powerful ones?


    I poked around in the forum docs and found a configuration variable for that. You should now be able to delete your own comments. It won't let you delete a discussion though (since that would let you delete other people's replies to your post—or at least they wouldn't have a place to live any more).

    If you regret a new discussion you've opened, you can edit it and remove the content and send a message to @david or @jim and we can close it or delete it.

  • Thank You very much David.

  • Thank you so much.


    It's not quite what you asked for—it has the same 4 hour time limit that editing has. Again, if you need to delete a comment after the 4 hour limit, ask @jim or @david and we'll do it (no guarantees on our timeliness though :) )

  • It's much better-thank you.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited July 14

    This is absolutely my favorite feature on the forum. Thanks again.

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