remove profane vulgar user names like F♥♥♥DUST. My children play this game.


remove profane vulgar user names like FUCKDUST. My children play this game.


  • Do your children read the forum?

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited July 3

    Nice! I didn't happen to see that user name in anyTop 10 list. Thank you for the public service of posting it in the title of a forum thread for many, many more people to see.
    Unsolicited pro tip: next time send a private message to @jim & @david. They're very good about cleansing obscene user names.

  • Sudden flashback: grocery cashier once who was yacking at the top of her lungs (very graphically) about something very personal that she was angry with her friend for sharing with another friend . . .

  • Use a little common sense. Asking for profane and vulgar user names to be removed was sufficient. No need to repeat the names. 🤨

  • @MommaT Please next time don't put profane vulgar user names in all caps...that always catches my attention. Now that word keeps running through my mind. I never notice those types of names until someone creates a post and puts them in the header...especially when they are in all caps.

    Did you know that on Etsy you can buy Fairy XXXXdust? Must be some kind of herb...or something. It is sold out at this point but many of the reviews said that it smells good and is very pretty.

    To get my mind off of this...I think I will go dust something!

  • Sounds to me like someone is tired of cleaning.


    Thanks, @MommaT for the report, we've dealt with it. I've also censored this post title, for consistency.

  • David, the little hearts are cute. This is so funny....sad (that it was necessary)...but funny. :)

  • thank you David.

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