Alternation IS winnable!!!

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I'm a person who's been playing anonymously for years and was getting tired of how quickly I'd go through FreeCell games. (The only game I know how to play.) So, when someone mentioned Alternation in a message (I read messages but don't ever answer) and made it sound like it was easy to play but impossible to win (I'm just looking for something to kill time), I thought I'd try it.
It took me five days going through game after game (and, as you can see from the screen shot I wasn't the only one to win) but I finally DID get a victory!
So to whoever that was (sorry, I can't remember) thank you for saying where to find it. (And I didn't beat my head against the wall, just kept trying.) It's very interesting, and since it takes longer to play, I think I'll stick with it for a while.
And thank you Jim and David for keeping this site running. Between this and jigsaw puzzles, I can keep entertained for hours. (I'm been mostly bedridden for the last year and a half, so I play a LOT!)


  • Sorry, I'm an old phart. Couldn't get the screen shot to attach. :-(

  • Congratulations on winning.

  • 🎉 congrats @WonAlteration chances are you will now be invited to join the society of fabulous alterationers (SOFA). Membership custodians @jezzbelle @Ptownpapa @graeme

  • Umm - think you forgot someone fingsaint!

  • So far I count @WonAlteration and @graeme as the only 2 winners of record.
    Congratulation's are indeed in order

    This weekend we in the USA celebrate, and mourn those those who gave "the last full measure of devotion".
    To all nations represented here enjoying this website, never forget and work to end the slaughter.

    Play on greenfelters, enjoy the ganes.

  • …and, of course, not forgetting founding member @jabba 👍🎖

  • Game #112 was won by me! Hope springs eternal though.

  • Gratuitous bragging...I just finished 2nd to @Jabba on Alternation game 969708481. o:)

  • EGAD! I didn't know @jabba "Beat the Game"!! I am sorry, my apologies.

    edited May 30

    Congrats, @WonAlteration! Nice work!

    . Note that your name is misspelled in case that wasn’t on purpose. Maybe it’s a pun that I don’t get? Or you are really a seamstress?

  • No, it's a typo. :-(((((((( I originally had alteration everywhere, but realized that and changed it to alternation in the messages.
    Since you're here, I've been having problems with sign in names. This is my third one, and the first two didn't work after I signed out. (And I used a stupid password I couldn't forget.) The first one ONLY worked on the games, not the message board, and the second one (which I signed in when you messed up the card backs) isn't working now. :-(
    Maybe it's because I'm an old phart, and like with the screen shot, am doing something wrong. Can I change my sign-in name, or should I just go back to being permanently anonymous?

  • Do whatever @jim says BUT DON'T go anonymous, you are a wonderful communicator and we'd all miss you
    on the forum. Sorry about the bedridden, you make up for it splendidly in spirit. AND the PDF "Lock" that you
    or the forum sent showed your winning score board. Have a great memorial day friend.


    You can change your account name here

    Once you are logged into the game site, you should automatically be logged into the forum, AFAIK.

  • I am not the founding member, I only started after @David mentioned playing. I guess that means he is the one who really started this ball rolling. Do love playing though.

  • Ptownpapa:
    You really couldn't have missed me because I've only been logged in for two days, and this is the ONLY post I've made. :D As far as communication, I was a journalist in a past life, so yes, I know how to write. I'll try changing my account name, but I'll probably go back to lurking and laughing at all the crazily-written posts. :p

  • Sounds good, enjoy the ride

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