English/French style cards

At the present you can only have the French style the English has gone, can you give us the choice again please?



    Why yes, you’re right. Everything is English. Hmm.

  • C’est affreux!

  • C'est la vie! as we would say when Wales lost to England.................or words to that effect.Stay safe everyone, including our invisible friends the anonymice.Cheers!

  • Cheers to you graeme. Hope all is well with you and your lovely wife. I joined the club and got my button for being fully vaccinated. Just wish everyone would join in. I think we're on the road to complete recovery. How is you daughter? Still see you in the top 10 in Klondike, usually #!, if not, really close. I'd like to hear some sassy banter from you.....been missing it.

  • Hello binky3.Congrats on you'r jabs.All fine here.We have all had our two jabs now.Cath is still working in the hospital almost back to normal now.We are all off to sunny Dorset tomorrow,staying in a caravan in a seaside village called Charmouth.Weather not looking too good for our weeks holiday.Jumpers and thermal underware may well be the order of the day.Just a quick game tomorrow then no more greenfelt chats for a week.Take care my friend,unless i'm washed out to sea will be back Sat next.All the best.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited May 14

    Travel funly and safely,@graeme. Your sunny approach to life and Green Felt will be missed for a week..

  • Hello barzonymous.Very kind of you.Greenfelt very much a part of my every -day life now.I always look forward to reading the various topics discussed by my friends from across the pond and elsewhere in the world.........even the spats,very much like a family.Couple of quick games before we go and I'll be back.Take care my friend.

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