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Can we have a move counter on the screen, please? Updating with each move, of course.


    edited April 2021

    Sorry, we are unlikely to add a move counter. We don’t like things updating while you play. This includes things like score, etc.

  • Move counter can help understand how moves are counted as well as current score. Any reason wht you are opposed

  • I find it entertaining to try and get to the top of the leader board for the game - but I don't know my actual number of moves until I finish the game. Could you please reconsider your opposition to this idea?

  • I would like a move counter for freecell. I often repeat games to try to reduce the number of moves as much as I can. A move counter would help me judge how I am doing as I play.

  • As the designers of Green Felt, I’m sure @jim and @david have good reasons not to include a move counter. If a counter interferes with the speed of the games or makes them more susceptible to outages, freezing or other stuff* then I’d prefer to leave it out.

    *technical term

  • They could probably figure out how to make it work. Maybe make it possible to turn it off and on? So far we have only heard that they "don't like things updating while you play."

  • The color I choose to paint MY house is not up to debate by my neighbors. Jim and Dave have DAY jobs - they work for a living and Greenfelt is a labor of love and generosity. Programming and maintenance of a system like Greenfelt
    requires choices to be made that not everyone will think is wonderful. The latest renovation caused all hell to break
    loose, there were minor "errors" quickly fixed, but the reaction was NO, WRONG, NOT!!! The Greeenfelt guys have a vision and direction for Greenfelt, they listen and react to all requests for changes but it's their sandbox and they have the right to say no. IMHO

  • This is under the heading "Feature requests" not "Feature demands"

  • Ptownpapa...amen! It would be nice if all would remember that this is a FREE site....would treat it as a GIFT, and say "thank you"....and not be so demanding.

  • I'll second that|

  • I also would like a move counter in freecell.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited April 2021

    I may be really stupid, but I believe @jim said this: "Sorry, we are unlikely to add a move counter. We don’t like things updating while you play. This includes things like score, etc."

    This a really good site for solitaire. Let's all just play on.
    Because, like the song says:


    We don’t mind people requesting features we said we won’t implement. If enough people request them, we might just change our minds. :)

  • If i'm not mistaken,@Jim and @David have vetoed this request many times with which I agree. We have enough distractions without trying to beat the timer. Anyway, how can you play and watch a timer at the same time?

  • @barzonymous. On the same video you just posted, there is an Elvis video, Suspicious Minds. Would you mind posting it. I still don't know how. You see it after the Rolling Stones finish. It would make my day as I'm and Elvis nut. Thanks a million. binky

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited April 2021

    Sure...I'll be glad to post any videos for you or show you how to do it.

  • This is why I love GREENFELT, we start with a request, we see a denial of said request, we see "huffy (sic)" response to said denial, then a defense of the Authors of GREENFELT, we see @jim say "could be" and we end with Elvis and a request for tutorage on inserting Videos. Better than a Circus.

  • Can I get a big ole AMEN. As I've said so many times before, WHAT A WASTE!!!!!. @Barzonymous ....pretty sure you'll get a thanks from @graeme as he's about almost a big a fan as I am. Thank you so much. For those who've never seen him perform I just needed this to be shared. In my opinion, he was very genuine lived up to his title as king of rock, then, still and always. binky

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited April 2021

    Glad to do it.

    Btw-we live 12 miles from Graceland.

  • Can you believe as close as I am to Memphis I've never been to Graceland. Don't know exactly but I think I'm only about 4 hrs from there. I'm not getting any younger but that is still on my bucket list. Much as I love him can't believe haven't been there, but I will.

  • @jlaur made a reasonable and polite request and followup.

    And I second that request.

  • Sorry off course. But as previously stated, request asked and answered.

  • Barzonymous, Binky3 and others: Elvis is, was and always will be the King of Rock and roll. A waste that we lost him so soon. Thanks for sharing the video Barzonymous.

  • Hello Barzonymous/Binky3/terregma.Thanks for the video and comments.Suspicious Minds one of my all-time favourites.What a site.Start with a huff.End with a video [Ptownpapa].Can't beat it.Play on!

  • I vote for a move counter. Please don't bite my head off.

  • Freecellmania...well, you did say "please" so...ok. :)

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