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Game: freecell
Game #: 1877045283

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Game players like rankings. You should provide a power ranking. EG. give player 1 a 100pts for a 1st place and the 100th player 1 pt and provide a. Provide a ranking over 50 games played or something like that. Just and idea. Post that as a viewable table.


  • Oh please don't.

  • Can't we just play the games as they are?Most of us are quite happy with the present format.It's just a game after all.Almost time for lunch.

  • Actually, @raven1 , I kinda like the idea but it sounds like it might be difficult to implement. Since jim and david operate the site Gratis I try not to endorse anyting that might add to their already busy plate. Also...if you're on the site for very long, you learn who is who

  • Also, you wouldn't be able to award points until everybody had played since I might get 100 pts (it could happen) and then a week later somebody could beat me. Since these games are open ended this can't be done

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