change the time

Game: klondike
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What would you like to see?


  • Change time to what, and how and why?

  • Sage, that's funny! My first thought was "huh?" lol

  • I vote for ... Summertime and the livin’ is easy


  • WOW...fingsaint...powerful, classic Ella! What a treat!! Thank you.

  • I vote for Eva Cassidy and Autumn Leaves:

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    Beautiful music! Thanks @barzonymous and @fingsaint

    @justhere I thought it easiest, and best, to ask before I started into a long metaphysical explanation of how complicated, and problematic, changing time can be for the universe... with many references to Tardises, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, A Wrinkle in Time, and whatever else I can remember and squeeze in, besides a reference link.

    But, perhaps, @cabronie simply wants instructions to change the various timers and clocks she/he has, now that daylight savings time is over. Who's to know? It's never wise to assume what anyone means by their ambiguous and vague expression in the comments/gripes section, here. As those of us who are regulars here all know...

  • Time does not exist except for those who quantify and tabulate it. How long do you reflect on the words, notes, cadences and the memories evoked when we hear a piece of music? Do we use a stopwatch or just look into
    space and savor the moment? How long do you stand in awe of a beautiful image, sunset or sunrise?
    Time expands and contracts in direct relation to the circumstances, a boring meeting is eternal, a day at the
    beach or a picnic with those you love is over in an instant and never long enough. Many years ago I was an
    IT tech specialist - have laptop and pager (before Cel phones were a commodity) will travel, we had to fill out paper
    work for any change we made to a clients technology and that included the Daylight Savings thing - twice - spring
    and fall. Many of "us" had written code to automate the process but "wiser heads" needed/demanded the proof
    that we were doing the right thing in the right way. A waste of time. Play on Macduff, be safe and enjoy your time on

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    It's 10:47AM in Memphis.

  • 1:19 PM in Milan Tennessee

  • Metaphysics is wasted on this website. Pour me another barkeep.

  • Didn't see this yesterday -- In my book nobody beats these two ladies. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Fingsaint and Barzonymous!

  • Time for a cup of tea and some toast.

    edited November 6

    Not at all, I loved your explanation, @Ptownpapa And, yes, it's been my experience that time does expand and contract as it sees fit to do so.

    More great music, thanks, @barzonymous

  • Nice. Thank you.

  • When I was a DJ, back when dinos ruled the Earth, I'd play Chicago first thing in the morning after time changes. It was fun.

  • thank you for the excellent crowd curated concert.

  • @Ptownpapa enjoyed your words re time. And then LOL at 'pour me another, barkeep.' One of my favorite sayings about time is that it was invented to keep everything from happening at once. (Can listen to music clips one at a time.) xoxo to all posters

  • Lovely. Took me back to time spent at the Blue Note in Chicago. . . . 1952.

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