Klondike 3 incredibly fast times

Noting game of the day in particular, all of us see that there are sometimes times that are impossibly fast for winners--like 25-30 seconds to make 0ver 100 moves. no one won the10/17 "game of the day". But when you look at the results , you see a number of individual postings like the one I copied below:
"arriba 2020/10/16 7:39pm 1 1 0s"

The implication is these individuals made ONE move and KNEW this game could not be won. So, what is the story here? Others have inquired about extremely fast times before, but I've never seen a satisfactory answer!


  • Hi JRGranny....when you see a game that has been completed with times that you have mentioned... those times were achieved by a player using "Record and Replay Software" To explain ....if you are playing a game of Canfield and record the game using the software and achieve a time of say 3m then you can replay that game and achieve a time under 1m. There are super moves and auto complete function also. I use to use one of the programs on linux to record and replay....where you could set the replay to any % eg from 30 to 60 % faster. I gave up using the program because my wife said i was a cheat (which i was"}. I now enjoy just competing against my wife.....who regularly beats me.Believe me those super quick times are not achieved by regular keyboard or touch moves.

  • @FairGo: I don’t believe you.

  • Hi DuesExMachina..i have given a true and satisfactory answer to JRGranny. Just for you Dues....I can confirm that on several occasions i have played and beat Cyf a nick...on Canfield. "fact" .my nick on those occasions was "BlueDeck".

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
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    I don’t question that you have used such an app. So have I—on precisely two occasions. See https://forum.greenfelt.net/discussion/8342/bots-work
    What I don’t believe is your assertion that “when you see a game that has been completed with times that you have mentioned... those times were achieved by a player using ‘Record and Replay Software’”
    You are not in any position to make that assertion—unless, that is, you’re confessing that you are personally responsible for all such amazingly fast times. Your apparent belief that no one could possibly achieve such fast times without resorting to a record/playback assist is evidence of nothing.

    And it’s Deus, not Dues.

  • Yes Deus......im referring to Klondike and Canfield....you "Deus" protest to loudly. Gee I thought that the initial conversation was with JRGranny.....she wanted to know the truth and i gave it. What ever you dig up means nothing to me. Maybe we should start a comp just for ppl using assisted software.. I've seen you help a lot of ppl on here complaining about the same subject that JRGranny has mentioned.....your main statement to them is ...practice......practice........practice..and you will achieve those times as the ppl that are achieving the fast times....i know that is far from the truth. As mentioned in her statement....JRGranny has never seen a satisfactory answer.

  • And Deus i replied with my other nick above.

  • BlackDeck is also FairGo

  • FairGo, Thanks! Had to be as you say.

  • Except when it is not. A lot of players are just really good.

  • I have zero concept of the computer program explanation you gave and i do not use super moves. Period.

  • Thanks JRGranny.....myself and my wife have been playing on this site for just over 3 yrs. There is a game played by Lasso ...3days ago ....they achieved a second place in Canfield with 1m13secs.....not possible without a record and replay program......i was not born yesterday...see what i mean JRGranny....no one can tell me otherwise.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
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    Yes, we do get that no one can tell you otherwise, even the people who are playing the game..

    But it's an opinion, not a fact. That's all-it's an opinion. We all have them.

  • “We all have them...”
    ...and most of them stink

    I want to say I’ve heard there’s something else about which you can say that, but I’m drawing a blank.

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
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    Hi @JRGranny looking at the scores for the Klondike 3 game in question, I think you are quite right that the top players could see from the score board that the best score achievable for this game was just 1 point. With this knowledge up front, it would be fairly easy to quickly place the Ace into a scoring position and to then click on the ‘give up’ button, hence scoring the winning 1 point in a super fast time. So checking out the potential best score before playing the game is often how players manage to score in quick time.

  • If I see no one ever won the game, I just don't play it. You don't need help to score one point in zero seconds.

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