Are We competing with robots

Game: freecellA few seconds
Game #: 58557257

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How can someone compleat a puzzle in A few seconds


  • How fast can a person finish a free cell in just a few seconds

  • How can someone compleat a puzzle in A few seconds

  • How can someone compleat a puzzle in A few seconds

  • How can someone compleat a puzzle in A few seconds

  • Where is the body

  • Hi @chumjack no, not robots just fast experienced players. See here:

  • You must like asking the same question over and over again. I call that a nuisance!

  • Perhaps @chumjack is a robot.

  • Sorry I don’t know how to use this program yet and I apologize for sending so many messages I would prefer to play with those of similar skills

  • We are versatile, some turtles and some hares, but no bots.

  • Dear chumjack, it is very simple. First play the game several times without logging in, remember the moves and repeat several times. Then log in, play the game and pretend to be the fastest...

  • No one is playing "with" anyone. It's called "solitaire." Just don't worry about other scores-if you see a game that's winnable, play it and have fun.

  • "Regarding Canfield Only" Any game time below 1m 20 seconds is near impossible without the use of a "record and replay program". Fact. They are freely available on windows and linux. I imagine that ppl will be jumping all over me about this comment. The truth hurts. My partner plays canfield and is normally in the top 3 players. But she knows that she cant win because of the times achieved by those winning . Hey dont get me wrong we both enjoy the site and will continue to just sick of some of the comments that bots are not being used. I guess now i will have several players tell me to just enjoy the game and try to beat my own score...give me a break.

  • Enjoy the game and try to beat your own score.

  • snorting w/laughter

    edited September 21

    I'm definitely not a bot, today... :s :p Perhaps we could just ignore other people's scores or at least not pay them much heed? But if it really thrills you, and makes your day, to win a game in seconds, with one of those programs @Bash10 mentioned, or something besides your own skill, and ability, then....... whatever. :)

  • What ever you say Lasso....sorry meant Sage....hahhahhah

  • Is this a people skilled game or a computer skilled gam ?????

  • It’s definitely a much practised skill to get the highest equal score in zero seconds for one colour Hopeless :)

    Mind you, it’s crowded at the top of that list. B)

  • The whole point of these games is to have fun and gain experience as you go along.Just enjoy.I'm off into the garden with a cup of tea and a piece of fruit cake.Stay safe.

  • Good morning graeme, good to hear from you. Fruit cake and tea sounds great. I really just imagine that your garden is beautiful. What kinds of flowers do you have? Enjoy your cake and tea and don't lose Chris again.

  • Don't lose her in the garden I mean. Didn't make myself clear.....

  • When i wake up stiff and sore i often wish my brain was in a bot.

  • Behave yourselves kids...daddy has spoken...enjoy your fruit cake off to fight robo cop weapons for me...because dad sent me to karate lessons and .." I Will Win " !!!!!

  • Hello Bash 10,it's Grandad and I'm really feeling old now...........PLOD ON!

  • Hello binky3.Hav'nt lost Chris yet.Quite a lot in the garden.Honeysuckle,Jasmine,roses,shrubs,trees lavender and lots of pots.Pansies,violas etc.Always nice to sit out with Chris when the weather's fine,especially in the evening.We are very lucky.Look after yourself and take care.

  • This subject comes up repeatedly, under different guises: Cheating, Programs to enhance performance, Use of Bots, Manipulation practices, How to achieve fast or impossible times. See the thread:

    BUT DOES IT MATTER. I remember heated arguments being fiercely discussed in Chess, when computer programs started to beat humans. CHEATING is an interesting word to describe solitaire. Solitaire, by definition, is played by a person AGAINST THEMSELF. So, how can you CHEAT against yourself? Yet someone that puts in an unbeatable performance, of 93 moves in 9 secs, makes it somehow unfair. We feel cheated somehow. Why?

    There was an earlier discussion on the forum, February 2012, "Winners for game #1994354560" when I wrote:

    Games are instructive and constructive (and sometimes addictive) appealing to deep values within the player. There are key distinctions between individual and collective games, which rely on important (hidden) differences between Self-realisation Needs (realisation of one’s potential) and Esteem Needs (esteem of others).

    Solitaire is an individual game, played by oneself, against oneself. The attraction of Solitaire has many factors: intellectual (the manipulation of complex patterns and sequences), emotional (the vertigo adrenaline of working against the clock), child values (pleasure, satisfaction at wining), coping with chance (random card deals), deep concentration (absorption in the game), etc.

    Adding a LeaderBoard and HighScores (not found on other sites) transforms Solitaire from an individual game towards a collective game. One is no longer playing against oneself but against a collective status, comparing one’s performance to other players. Thus one becomes dependent on the esteem of others.

    Jim and David haven't yet devised a method of eliminating manipulation practices. And how can you detect computer programs anyway? But they have the BEST SOLITAIRE SITE on the internet.

    Personally I like playing against myself, as Woody Allen said: You are never alone with schizophrenia.

  •, one can absolutely tell @Bash10 has to be new. All of us regulars know you are the kindest and most joyful person on this site, deserving of the utmost respect, a proper English gentleman I would say. I've watched Escape to the Country long enough I feel that I would fit in just fine. I almost have the accent down. After November, I might just have to come and be your neighbor. They say age is just a number and you're only as old as you feel....and you seem like a very young man, so very much unlike Bash10 seems to disrespectfully think. I much prefer living among loving, kind and respectful people....binky

  • @kingfisher....soooo AMEN!!!!

  • @kingfisher: I respectfully disagree with this assertion from your 6th paragraph: "Thus one becomes dependent on the esteem of others." That may well be the way some people think about it. For me, though, the competitive element that the leader board introduces has very little to do what anybody else thinks of me. Rather, the leader board provides a standard against which I can measure my performance. Because the level of difficulty varies considerably from one deal to the next, comparing one's own performance over the course of a number of games tells you very little. So if you happen to care about some metric of performance, then measuring against a pool of players on the exact same game is a good point of reference.
    Furthermore, if you care about such competition and don't like the leader board being stacked with people who are gaming the system to record a score that's not their first, then about the only solution is to ignore the Game of the Day.

  • After trying to read some comments on here , I realized that I had nodded off to sleep, when I awoke I wondered ... how many Sigmund Freuds are out Im scared.... Dad likes fruit cakes too.!!!!!

  • @binky3 not 3yrs long enough (like most ppl have many nicks)

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