Addressing vulgarity here

Names involving POLITICS such as the jerk who posted as "fuckjoebiden" need Removal!
Nobody did that to His DEMAGOGUE!!!
IM DISGUSTED! SUCH Sore losers threaten our FREEDOM!


  • please message @jim or @david regarding vulgar names vs posting here in all caps to perpetuate, memorialize, embolden. They will deal with it. Thank you.

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited May 11

    “Nobody did that to His DEMAGOGUE!!!”
    I’ll take second place to no person in the depth of my loathing for former president (and, if there is a god, future convicted felon) trump, or my disdain for his loyalists. But the assertion that no profane user names were at that wannabe dictator is simply false. Indeed, they were commonplace.
    The sad truth is that the internet has eroded civility not only within its own boundaries but in real human interactions.
    I think Jim and David should consider charging a nominal fee to create usernames. I wager that would go a very long way toward putting an end to the abuse of this site. And if they don’t want to sully the site by making money on it, they can give all proceeds to the ACLU or a Ukrainian relief fund or wherever they choose.

  • Hah...DeusExMachina, I was thinking the same thing but you wrote it out better than I could. :)

  • I would happily chip in a modest amount. I am on a limited income but have always felt guilty that others do so much work so that I can have a break from my worries. If it would help remove the swear words I would be even more willing. I am afraid that civility is being dismissed from our world. Sports fans yelling profanities at players, players with obscene gestures or yelling back the same. Even physical confrontations. Making fun of someones medical condition was wrong, but the answer should not have been a physical assault, no matter how brief or lightly done. You don't touch other people without there permission. Road rage, bullying, name calling. We no longer seem to respect each others rights to have an opinion much less be willing to hear it in respectful dialog. TYVM now means Thank You Very Much. We use to use it at the end of a discussion where we could not agree. It stood for To Your Various Methods, or lets agree to disagree but maintain our relationship. I just wish we could all go back to being kind to one another

  • I agree with your sentiments @bekind . But money need not be involved. Those that cannot act with basic respect for others can be ignored. I for one, dismiss them as though they were not even there. They tire and usually disappear.

  • maybe a little tolerance is in order, not money, not rules, not the endless admonishments of the self righteous .. .. .. accepting people for who they r is much more healthy than gettin ur knickers in a twist about behavior u cant control 🐒

  • You're not supposed to be so blind with patroitism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong' no matter who does it or who says it.

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