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This vulgarity has to CEASE and NOW ! ! ! I am tired is seeing this sort of trash blatantly foisted upon the general public.

Somebody needs to get their head out of their "you know what" and CLEAN up this site. And, you administrators, need to earn your keep and notify the complaintant whe her/hius concern has been resolved.


  • @gizmo41 Who are you to dictate the priorities of this site?

  • @jim and @David are the OWNERS of this site. They don't need to "earn their keep." We, however, are guests. I am a very grateful guest. Grateful for all the wonderful things available on this site: not only great games, but also help with gaming problems, opportunities to share experiences with other gamers, and this forum. Thanks to this forum I have met folks from round our globe. I've shared music, thought and laughter with not strangers, but new friends. I agree there are those who forget that children and polite folk also use this site. I fiercely wish they'd use language appropriate to a public forum that reaches all, but our dear benefactors can only address the vulgarities as they appear. In America we call it Free Speech. They handle the irritant language with loving hearts. Please message them when offensive items appear. And be thankful for their generous gift.

  • thank you @ggmaterre for calm words

  • @gizmo41 besides all the other comments, above...

    What "keep" do the administrators of this site earn? Your undying gratitude, appreciation, and kind words for running this completely free site out of their own pockets without asking you for a dime, in any way?

    Keep in mind that what you think of as "vulgarity" may only elicit a :| or a :D from other people. Many of us choose to simply ignore the ruder names, if we even bother to look at them, at all.

    If this were your site, that you paid for and ran yourself, how would you get your head out of your "you know what" and clean it up, so the vulgarity would be banished forever?

  • Be Kind to one another. Even if Jim and David were making money do you realize how many people world wide use this site? The effort it would take to monitor would be absurd for 200 people, not just 2. Notifying one when a complaint is resolved would be a full time job. Have you noticed how many issues get posted in discussions. This does not include all the messages we don't see that go directly to @jim or @David which is probably a better way to deal with this, as long as you keep the vulgarity out of your request. What does one think is vulgar? I found the "head out" comment vulgar. One way your complaint can be resolved is by going to a different site for your games. I believe AARP has one.

  • Solitaire May 12 game # 1520529435 forgot the number but a low number

    This user has shown up in low numbers before. Would be a classy move is they voluntarily changed their user name.

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