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I changed my password by using my password manager to generate a secure password. I copy and pasted it into the Green Felt password change site. So green felt changed my password. The problem is that I forgot to copy the new password into my password manager, so now I don't know what my new password is because it comes up with just stars. I would like to change it the correct way again, but I do not know what password I changed it to from my password manager. Now, how do I change my password without knowing what my current password is?

Janet Jerina


  • Message either -> @jim or @david <- by clicking on their names in this sentence. then click on Message, in the upper right hand corner of the white box on that page. They can let you know what your password is. When they do, I would recommend you change your User Name from your e-mail address to something less private, as everyone on this site can see it.

  • As I finished a puzzle in the past it would be marked as it isn't doing that anymore. Why not?? Also, can't seem to get my password to work....same one I've always had.

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