you have helped me through many rough times

I am sure you get told often the selfless service you do for so many of us. There are days that playing a few games and reading the forum have helped me immensely. I have never before posted on the forum. I just want all of you, not just jim and david (though the effort of jim and david to exert the time and energy to allow us to use this free site is beyond amazing) to know that your thoughts and encouragement help. I do not want to single anyone out because I will miss giving props to someone... graeme, sage come to mind. There are so many others. There were others who always had a good comment, I can't remember the names. I just want to thank all of you and ask you to keep helping and being kind.


  • Hello bekind.Very nice of you to say.We are very much a family headed by Jim and David.Always ready to listen and to help and you are very much part of that.We are a disparate group from all over the world joined together not only by Solitaire but especially the Forum.It allows us to maintain contact and make friends.You are quite has seen many of us through some bad times.We argue,we smile,we make up,we read others comments and agree or disagree.Look forward to hearing from you again.Nice to hear from you.Play on and are a member of a very special band of people

  • @bekind , you write lovely words. As my dear, though un-met, friend @graeme writes, we are a world-wide family. A bit dysfunctional at times, mostly kind to each other and supportive through good times and bad. Some are quite witty - a good laugh often from reading comments. Enjoy the sun when it shines, and playing your favorite Greenfelt game.

  • You are not alone in finding respite from the storms on Greenfelt. And some fun, and some silly things and some truly amusing things, and yes, some frustrating things too. Just like family.....

  • @bekind, I love being on I'm happy that you love it here, too.

  • @bekind I appreciate your words and echo the sentiment. This is a great site and a great meeting place for friends from all over the world. I'm very glad to be here and to be able to help when I can.

  • It is so nice to believe that there are people out there that think of me. I will never be on the leader board. That is okay, I just like to try and be in the top 10% occasionally. I mostly get frustrated when high scores indicate it is a winnable game and I can't find the solution. Mostly this happens with Seahaven Towers and Canfield. Sage- I saw you won today's Canfield. Congratulations! I have backed out to the beginning at least 8 times and still can't find the answer. I hope this site can support 2 million moves in 38 hours. Thank you all and please keep warm thoughts for me as I do for all of you.

  • @bekind , I'm not a leader board person either. But I still love coming here and challenging myself. Plus knowing that I have friends and acquaintances from round the world when I'm here makes life so much brighter don't you agree?

  • @bekind You do not want to know how many times I have to restart a Canfield game to win it. Very rarely is this done on the first try. I practice my fortitude and perseverance often on this site. :D I have warm thoughts for all the friendly, kind people on this site.

  • When I started at Greenfelt I rarely left the house and the forum was my main source of human interaction. People are so acceepting here. And even though I am out and about more than ever, I will never forget how important reading the forum was, and is, for me. Thanks to all who contribute!

  • I'll second all that.

  • As will I. I rarely leave the house, too.

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