Spider update oddity

Game: spider
Game #: 1552336929
Browser: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:95.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/95.0
Window: 1515x694
JS-Version: 2022-03-05_16:22:22_aceffb83ebf0013d465c5d90b436227841c20d9c

Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible:

I finally completed and won a Spider game today (Mar 17, 2022, about 11:40am local time), which is normally a score of 104. The "Congratulations!" window appeared that showed my score from yesterday (Mar 16, 2022 score of 13) . Today's effort was not there. The same score of 13 from yesterday was also shown in today's Leader Board. The two screen grabs are in the attached .docx file.

That is, a win today is recognized as a win (as per "Congratulations!" window) but the player/score/date was not updated/recorded in the "Congratulations!" window or Leader Board.
Just FYI.


  • p.s. I just noticed the game number on my game screen does not match the game number on this bug report. My screen showed Game #: 2702606759 while this bug report shows Game #: 1552336929.

  • Thanks for fixing Spider updates to the Leader Board! It seems to work now.

  • Urf... it happened to me this time. I was logged in, had already played scorpion, and then managed to win at spider. I saw the congrats screen, but my name didn't appear, and the score wasn't recorded. It wasn't the little card in the corner like when my internet is out or the site is down, and it didn't list me as anonymous. It just showed the winners, except me. Something isn't right.

  • Yes, the problem is still there. It seemed to work one day, but today (Apr07 at 9:43am), a win in the Top 10 that shows on my screen does not appear in the Leader Board.
    My Screen:

    Leader Board at noon my time:

  • Hi @TortoiseK the leader board at noon shows that you had played the game earlier and won in 234 moves placing you in 19th place. Maybe this score takes precedence? The FAQ explanation is

    Why is my high score not showing on the leader board? Only your first winning play of a particular shuffle will show up on the leader board.
  • I tried again just now and it seemed to work. Not sure what was wrong last night. But it seemed to register my score now as if it was my first one.

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