Why is that?

First of all. Your website is absolutely the best. I have one question though. Every day I'm among top 5 in forty thieves but my results never show up on the leader board. Why is that?


  • Hi @pernille you have to be logged in for your player name to show on the leader board otherwise your score is attributed to anonymous. The name ‘pernille’ was only registered today. Perhaps that accounts for it?


    Hi @pernille,

    Each day we select a game (a specific shuffle) of the day and only the results on that shuffle are displayed on the leader board. Secondly, it’s fine if you play a particular shuffle multiple times, but we only show your first play on the leader board. You can click the “Game of the Day” button to try today’s game or you can click the ”play” button on the leader board to play an older Game’s of the Day within the last week.

    Hope to see you on the leader board!

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