Scottish Deck Back


Can we get a deck back with the Scottish Saltire on it? Would be awesome!



    Sure, but you’ll have to submit the design yourself unless you can convince @Michael, our resident artist, to do it.

  • Just something like this?


    @Michael, Maybe overlayed on their map for consistency with the others?

  • Scotland has a bit of an odd shaped coastline. I cut off isles to the top right to make it take up more of the card back. Curious what people think.

  • I like the looks of the second one better. But then I'm not Scottish...

  • Hi @Michael the St Andrew’s cross is upended on your example. Here’s a stock image from the 123RF website to explain what I mean.

  • PtownpapaPtownpapa REGISTERED
    edited December 2021

    I forget how many nations there are out there but a card back for every one is a something to think about, pro and con. For instance my parents were Slovaks who emigrated from Czechoslovakia but were born in the Austro-Hungarian empire. They indentified as Slovaks even though the Slovak Republic didn't exist until 1993.

    Here is the coat of arms of Slovakia - any other Slovaks out there who want it as a card back?
    I have no real ties to the Auld Sod as it were. I am a Slovak by birth but mostly and deeply an American.

    PLEASE - This is NOT a put down of pride in ones ancestral homeland, just another voice.

    Play on and be safe

  • fingsaintfingsaint REGISTERED
    edited December 2021

    Hi @Michael on second thoughts the upended aspect of the cross doesn’t matter - the deck backs with the flags of Canada and UK are also sideways and they look ok. Either of the two with map designs are good to go 🙂👍


    Finally, this is live! Thanks, @Michael!

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