Game: klondike
Game #: 1045327663

What would you like to see?

How is i t some of your players show less than a minute to complete a deck of 53 cards in so many moves. Anything they would like to share? It is not like we are betting money to see who wins the game.


  • @gizmo41 Check the faq, solitaire games, question 1.

  • 53 cards ??
    Graeme they have introduced a new game form !
    Toast with head cheese and a cup of cocoa and throw in some mini marshmallows !
    Carry on all !!!!

  • I'd like to see all the players who log in a minute or so per game, to be ELIMINATED from Klondike Solitaire for good. It's obvious they are not playing " with a full deck", and have a need to find a way to be number one. Their scores should be barred from all scoreboards .And if this is how they get their gratification, - they need only to go on alternative sites to play the same game.

  • @Dreamwaiver1 Sounds like sour grapes to me. Are you just upset that you don't have the patience to play over and over to learn how to get fast scores? (BTW - I don't either -- I play the game once and move on unless I can see that I've made an obvious mistake.) Let everyone play the way THEY want. What others do shouldn't affect you in the least, unless you're just miffed because you're not fast/first. Just click on "Show first score". Or read the FAQ's and previous posts to learn how to play FAST. I mainly just try to better my own scores and don't pay much attention to others. Let them be and just enjoy the game! We're here to have fun -- at least I think most of us are. Be kind!

  • I agree with @kat14. Playing here is not meant to be a competition, unless its against yourself. Most are here to relax or sharpen their skills. I consider it a win if I can complete a game. And a bonus if I improve my score. Other players scores are not important to me. In life, everything needn't be a competition. Relax and play on. :)

  • @gmaterre chuckle to self ... my motto: I win if I successfully complete a game! (No matter how long it takes.) Have fun playing cards everyone.

  • sierrarose...that's exactly how I feel. I win if I successfully complete a game! :) How everyone does is totally irrelevant to me.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited August 2021

    I forget my score exactly 10 seconds after I look at it, because I KNOW someone is going to do it faster and better. (I succeeded if I finished the game and saw that "You beat the game!")

  • to all my amigas :)

  • Hello Mistinask.Sounds yummy.The last time I had cocoa,I was a little sprog.My nan used to give it to me before she put me to bed.Over the years I have graduated to something stronger.My nan would be disappointed.All the best.

  • if they didn't want this to be a competitive place there would be no leader board .. .. .. posting scores for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in all those categories is clearly meant to encourage competition .. .. .. whether u choose to participate in the competitive aspect of greenfelt is up to u, but clearly, jim and david recognized the fact that many players do and have provided them with an outlet for that competitive spirit

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