Pause button and "delete" for Sudoku?

Game: sudoku
Game #: 3822360016

I usually play other games (Freecell & Yukon, mainly) but decided today to try your version of Sudoku. I'm guessing I'll be visiting it often. ;-} Maybe there's a way to do this that I haven't figured out, but on the other games you offer a pause button so that it doesn't count against your time if, for example, you have to answer the phone or go start dinner. Could we have a pause button on Sudoku?

Also, I could not figure out how to delete the contents of a cell. To avoid messing my self up, I just put in a zero if I figured out that I had entered a number in error, but would like the delete button to work. Again, maybe there's a way to do this and I just missed it?

Thanks! LOVE your site!!



    Thanks for your feedback. Delete works for me on my phone. Hmm. We really could use a pause button! Don’t hold your breath though.

  • On my laptop the "delete" button works just fine.

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