Happily playing for over 20 years, thanks to whomever runs and set up GREEN FELT!!!!
Played it a bit when I worked (retired now) and it is a nice calming and loved activity (among many others) now in retirement.


  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited May 8

    What a nice post. And you are right. Happy retirement!

  • How in the world can you win at this game? The card shufflepretty much dictates what your moves will be... Any strategy tips you can share?

  • Win at what game? There are millions of them.

  • My mistake , sorry... Addiction Solitaire , it's the most difficult one I've tried...I always seem to end up moving my low cards to the rigt , high cards to the left - and then ending with only Kings blocking other moves... A beginners mistake yes - what's the strategy to go further?

  • homedoggyhomedoggy REGISTERED
    edited June 30

    the opposite of that. Picture cards to the right low cards to the left. And liberal use of the undo button. it's a fun game though isn't it

  • Just keep trying with Addiction, one late, late night I hit a run and won 3 in a row. Haven't duplicated it since but I keep at it. I just play game after game till I win one and eventually - I do win one.

  • Good job @supremo ... Addiction is the toughest game on the board. And the crazy thing is... they're all winnable. I played one awhile back 40 times! somebody else finally won it

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