Klondike 3: number of players per game

The stated number of players per game is now much lower than it used to be. When I finish a game now, the stated number of players is usually about 50-60. I t used to be well into the 100's unless the game was a new game. I don't believe fewer people are playing Klondike 3. what's changed?


  • The same is true for Freecell. There used to be hundreds, even thousands, of players per game. Now it's rare to have more than 200. I used to judge myself based on my ability to make the top 5%. With these new numbers I sometimes have trouble hitting the 50% mark. Is there a zero missing on number of players?

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    We haven’t had a change in the number of people playing, however we have corrected the way the score is reported. The main issue is people who play anonymously (i.e. without logging in). And most people play anonymously. The anonymous games don’t show up in the high score table (unless it’s the game that just finished). We used to report your place among the people who log in vs the number of people who played even if they weren’t logged in. This was inconsistent and compared apples to oranges. Now we’re only reporting your place with respect to people who are logged in. This does mean the denominator is smaller, but the resulting increase in your percentage is real.

  • @jim Ok thanks. I appreciate the response.

  • Great change. Thanks both for making it and for the explanation.

  • @Jim But ... (there's always a 'but') ... would you consider a little side-box showing count of everyone, including anonymous, not logged in, players? An ego boost to know you've done it faster or in fewer moves than 1,000 other players vs 100 other players.

  • So do the anonymous players even GET a ranking? I imagine they can probably see the scoreboard, but will they ever know how they performed? Heck, did they ever get a ranking?

    @sierrarose , I just changed my expectations. I now expect to hit the top 40% (that sounds so awful!) and I'm aiming for the top 25%. It's not easy against these cutthroats lol.

  • Hi @Imposter I think the anons get to see where they stand when they immediately finish a game but after that the score isn’t on the score sheet. If you look at 3bc’s fast Freecell game video on FAQ (3rd one down) you can see the score at the end just when it finishes and 3bc (in 1st place) was playing as anonymous during the demonstration.

  • Score of time vs moves don’t add up.

  • @sierrarose: I think the point is that until this week, the ranking (“You placed _n_th...”) was relative only to other signed in players, whereas the total number (...out of nnnnn) included all players—signed in and anonymous. That is, the old reporting gave those of us who are logged in the false impression that we were scoring higher than all the anonymous players. So your ego boost was illusory all along, I’m afraid.

  • @DeusExMachina and @sierrarose,what Deus says makes sense because those anons never had the chance of being listed on the scoreboard. How many anons actually took the top 10 spots prior to the change? How many of them actually beat our scores we were so proud of? We never knew b/c they never counted. If they never counted, they should never have appeared as having played the game.

    @Iplaysolitaire : Not sure what your comment has to do with this topic, nor do I quite understand the complaint. Players are ranked first by time, and in instances of ties, by fewest amount of moves. Moves are never considered otherwise and are not added into any equation. Moves are merely a tie-breaker.

  • Alas. My ego is crushed. :D But, I'll soldier on. ;)

  • There’s a brave trooper!

  • Thank goodness, there's a reason for not getting good scores lately. Thinking old age, maybe. But no, 90 is not old. Scoring is odd. Thank you for explanation! Will play on, happily.

  • But today can't find resizing deck. What am I ;missing?

  • top row: "Green Felt" "Games" "Deck Size" . . .

  • isn't it possible just to include anonumous results and return variant when we can see how many people really played the game

  • I'm not losing my mind altogether; I am not scoring as high as I used to. Just another reminder to get out of everybody's way. I am 76 y/o

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