I just play Free Cell mostly to kill time while on hold or waiting for something. What I can't figure out is how some scores and times are in the seconds ??!! I've seen game times of as little as 4 seconds... you can't hardly click 4 cards in that time...what am I missing?


  • Hi @macjac10 you are not alone puzzling over the zippy times taken to play the games. :) The following thread will give you an insight into Freecell speed play:

  • Some people are very skilled (usually with a touch screen) and practice a lot. If cards can be played on the foundation piles a click or tap on the "green felt" will automatically play them there. There are some who solve the game and then capture the moves with some kind of utility which allows them to play the game back, tuning for speed. With some effort, speeds under a minute are readily achievable if you just replay after getting the lay of the cards.

  • The Green Felt site has been constructed with the specific aim of "relieving the tedium of playing solitaire games on a computer". For each game there is a set of "super moves" designed to facilitate high-speed play. I personally have no interest in trying to play a winning game as fast as possible, but I still appreciate the "super moves" because they do indeed make playing Forty Thieves much less tedious by sharply reducing the number of mouse clicks needed.

    In days of old, I was puzzled by the (apparently) impossible scores posted on various online game sites. Then I got smart and realized that there were any number of ways this could be accomplished, ranging from bugs in the web sites' programming that allowed players to finesse the scoring system to keystroke recorders to manually recording the correct answers to quizzes and logging in using a different user ID to register a perfect score in a minimum time...etc etc etc.

  • Game of the day.Klondike.Completed in 37 seconds.First attempt.Just a mouse,eye and hand dexterity and 50 odd years of experience,but I'm sure that explanation won't appease many of you.Just enjoy the game.

  • "graeme" - I'm not sure how to read the emotion behind the comment above, but 37 seconds on the first try is impressive by any standards! Just for yucks, I tried that game ( I don't play Klondike) and found it easy to solve, but came in at just under 3 minutes for 660th place (time) and 142 (moves) - only off the best moves score by 4. I think most of the griping involves newbies who don't understand the ways you can speed things up if you so desire.

  • Hello dbwoemer.I try not to get involved in this type of discussion,it never get's me anywhere,but the point I was trying to make was,despite all this talk of ''bots'',whatever they are,various gadgets and Machiavellian ploys,there are some of us that play a game without aids,just a mouse,computer and what skills we have developed over,in my case,many years.Having said that,I do use the automatic move facility,but with caution,which must be considered an aid.Although in the game I mentioned it wasn't necessary.All these games are challenging and everyone want's to do well and I can understand the disappointment when some players see others knocking out these fast scores with apparent ease.However, whatever aids you choose to use you have to have the skill in order to complete these games with any chance of winning.Skill comes with time and experience and many of us have the time to play every day.The more you play the better you become.I don't know if my observations are any answer to your response.I suppose you could call it a gripe but it does allow me to explain what I mean by the above insight.Nice to hear from you and I wish you well.In the meantime,I'll do what I always do.both in life and cards,I'll play on.Thanks for you'r reply.

  • No one, who is not cheating, gets the lowest moves and a 5 second time on their first try at the game. If they have to cheat to win, life must suck. I always end up in double digits and don't even play that much, but I don't believe for one second anyone does that on their very first try...every day, on the game of the day. They shouldn't be allowed to play, we can all see what the first score of time and moves are.

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