"HOPELESS" is Hopeless, well, it depends

The "Beat the game list" is now just a list of best numbers. It was changed? It HAD a list of games (numbers) played, they aren't
there anymore. Which is the source of my question to our fearless leaders, @Jim and @David. I tried a few games to see what is was like and figured it out pretty quickly but I discovered that the high scores shown, over 32,000, were virtually impossible under
normal, ie random game setups. I then played a game, from the the list which no longer is available that a player had scored over 32,000 on and ran a score of over 18.000 by just hitting buttons, no plan or foresight. All of the HIGH scores no longer are on the
"best game" list and the "game of the Day" is unplayable, it's all one color, play and you a score of 800. I haven't looked today, 20200829 - 29082020 to non USA friends, but it appears the game is under re-development. Just wondering.


  • The HIGH scores are back, and the top ones have times of less then a minute. I do NOT dispute the score and times. WOW is all I can say, but I would like to try the game (number) played to get that finish.

  • Free cell 749719422 on 8/29 can't "pause" game

  • I guess nevermind; ok after that game

  • The game number/link disappears when all the games on the list are for the same game.
    A small group of players apparently take no end of pleasure in playing the same two games over and over again. Day after day. Month after month.
    To each his own. But ‘twould be nice if the High Scores:Today list could be filtered to show only games first played that day.

  • TNX @DeusExMachina, now that's "cheating" at an Olympic level. Why? How can it be, by any definition, called fun.
    A game I'll play, infrequently, if at all. Again, TNX

  • I believe that a few folks are trying to master the one game that has produced the highest score so they keep playing it. I could do a video to show how to get the highest score, but they want to keep playing it so it would spoil their efforts to do it themselves if I did that.

    I still think a separate shell for very high scoring games be created that when scores get like that on the main board it would start channeling that game number to its own shell. Then those people can keep working on those very high scoring games without dominating the board for others.

  • Also, when the game number disappears on the "Today" list, you can find it on the "All Time" list.

  • Good idea.

  • Most cool @homedoggy - thanks

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