Sorry just figured out how to see games ranked by moves

Game: freecell
Game #: 422526102

What would you like to see?


  • No need for "Sorry" - well done, lots of help on the site if you just read. There's no "Club" so welcome to the club
    is a silly comment. There's lot's of good people using the site and the forum is sorta, kinda like an in house twitter.
    Enjoy the games. Have fun.

  • Oh! Almost forgot.

    @Biden2020 - "we" - the site users are a varied lot, we try to stifle - gently - political antagonism from ALL sides
    The site is for users to relax, or get upset if they lose, or whatever floats their canoe. Games, not arguments, tirades,
    or insults. Just saying your user name will be a flag, red or red white and blue. Be aware. As I said, enjoy the games. Have fun

  • I'll second that.

  • I see no problem that user name. If you wouldn't bring it up maybe no one (like me) would feel compelled to comment.

  • There are touchier names on here. Just ignore them and enjoy the games.

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