I wish

I wish I could download this game because I spend the summer in an area with no WiFi.


  • Sometimes, if I leave a greenfelt game open in a back window, I can keep coming back to it and keep playing by just hitting “new game”, regardless of whether or not I have internet connection.

    The power has to be on the whole time for the webpage to be able to “save its place”. (So I guess only on mobile devices)

    Also, sometimes the window does its own refresh/reload for whatever reason unknown-to-me, then I’m out of luck without internet...

    I might have multiple windows open, one for each game (Klondike, spider, etc). Or in case I close one by accident and can’t get it back 😱

    Not sure if this only works with specific computer or internet settings or what-not... I’m primarily on Apple devices...

  • @jim can correct if this isn't right. Once you have loaded the page from greenfelt.net, and the Javascript behind it is in your local browser, you can play pretty much indefinitely (as long as the computer has power). Connectivity is not needed. The Javascript code that implements the game will follow down an endless random string of games, starting with the one you loaded.

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