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Interesting thing: I was using Firefox in the "Private Window" mode and I was looking for a present for my wife's birthday. Because I wanted to surprise her with my gift, I didn't want cookies to show her the items I was shopping for if or when she came online. (If you look at items for sale online, you are bombarded by ads for the same or similar items the next time someone uses the computer. I didn't want her to see exactly what I was shopping for so she would be surprised.) While I was shopping I phoned a company's customer service number for information about one of their products. I was on hold and waiting for someone in customer service so I checked the Leader Board while Firefox was in Private Window Mode. I was surprised because I saw completely DIFFERENT LEADERS! Does every user see the same leaders? I was looking at Spider, but WHY would the leaders be different in any mode if they were the ones who had the best score?!!!




    Hi @georgec,

    You can sort the leaderboard by either time or moves. Your choice is stored in a cookie. Try clicking the headings “Time” and “Moves” to toggle between them.

    Have fun,

  • Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that the leader board also had two scoring functions. Does it default to the scoring system the player has selected on the game score modular screen?

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