22 seconds to finish a board???

I have been playing for quite a while and can not understand how an individual can possibly beat a game with a time of 22 seconds- it is impossible to even go through the deck in 22 seconds !!!


  • What game? Pyramid? Forty thieves?

  • solitaire

  • DeusExMachinaDeusExMachina REGISTERED
    edited March 26

    funny. I didn't know there was a game called simply "Solitaire." But there it is.
    Well good, only 6:19pm and I've already learned something new for the day. Maybe I can get to bed early tonight!

  • Klondike i am assuming, but that can be done quickly with an easy deal/

  • What, you don't believe it's just "Solitaire"? Or is 22 seconds off the charts for Solitaire?

  • 22 seconds! I could play 6 games of Klondike and have an afternoon nap in that time.I can't understand why you are so slow.Play on,but perhaps a little quicker.Enjoy you'r games and stay safe.

  • I've been playing Green Felt for nearly a year now off and on, until recently mostly on a friend's computer. I've played a lot a lot a lot of solitaire (various kinds), for decades with cards, and then when I got computer literate on the mac-hine. Decades ago now I began to play Microsoft's versions but when they started charging or subjecting players to their god-awful computer gambling ads, I began searching for alternatives. You might say I feel since playing Green Felt I've finally come home. :)

    However, I don't understand the scoring and/or the reporting of the results except in gross terms. I'm simply aghast at the report of a 22-second game!! Without believable technical explanation, I am a total skeptic. Now that I've gotten more familiar with some of the avatars and "handles," I also became aware that even my box turtle times of two and three minutes was getting me into the top ten percent of scores for many games I was playing (with, I might add, amazingly-shifting-sized cadres of fellow players), but today -- ah, today! -- I cracked the actual op ten twice overall in one afternoon and saw my handle listed 7th and 8th!!! I gotta tell you I felt like a kid again and, real time, that was 80+ years ago. Thank you!

  • gandalf1936, the meager times I make the top ten, I feel the same way. :D Sometimes shock ... I did that?!!? But, per David (green felt guy), I have watched numerous videos of players using touchscreens at amazing speeds. I'm held back by using mouse vs touch screen. My preference. Be safe out there.

  • Hey, sierrarose (nice image, thanks!) Well, touch screens never entered my antediluvian head. What can I say? Thanks for your response. And as for "out there" I split oak kindling for an hour on the porch over toast and coffee, have just put soup on the hotplate, after repackaging yard debris from plastic demo bags to paper for April 27 pickup here in Medford MA and aggravating my shoulders and disposition by the complexities of hanging a tarp on the inside windward side of the woodshed so rain doesn't dissolve the paper when it streams parallel to the ground -- which is about four times a month up here on Medford's roaring-forties hill just to the west of Malden,

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