Who plays these games, and to what end?

In a previous thread @pbmcc made a point about scoring that I had never thought of or wondered about,I blew it off because I didn't read all of the post. @pbmcc played a game and quit after 1 move and was like 200th out of hundreds of games played. Essentially over 1500 players made 1 move or less. I just replicated @pbmcc's experiment - Freecell Game #1791760501, 4 moves
and quit, I placed 200th out of 1549 "Games Played" - 1349 didn't make over 4 moves and bailed. @jim and @david - does the scoring reflect games still being played, i.e. not closed out, or just games "finished" at whatever point in the game? Not important in the great scheme of things but meaningful to a person keeping personal statistics on % of games won. Do they Kvell, gloat, pat therm selves on the back for besting a great mass of people who never tried?

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