Is there a way to see how to solve the games we cannot complete?

I cannot complete some of the games that others have made the 52 on. Is there any way we can see how these games are solved?



    Sorry @tedward2, but we decided that a hint system would be incompatible with the high score tables, so we haven't implemented one.

  • But if you ask about some specific games. someone might help

  • One hint/help I've found is to not always move a King (from the tableau) to an open spot but wait for one to come along in the deck. Or, think about moves that 'might be' before actually making a move. Say, a red King is in the tableau and an open slot comes up, but you also have a black Jack on the board. Maybe a black King and red Queen might come along, and lifting the black Jack might reveal a better card? Hope that all makes sense.

    Play on, have fun; and thank you Jim for making us think.

    PS you can "save" a game that has stymied you to replay off-line, if you want to, until you get it. I think if you keep your browser open and don't quit, you can replay til doomsday. If I don't have this quite right others can correct me.

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