My new definition of "insanity":

Attempting a game in Klondike 3-turn that I just lost in Klondike 1-turn.


  • Well, it's not exactly the "same" thing ... :) You're dedicated. Play on, have fun

  • That's my goal - and it sometimes includes laughing at myself ;) !

  • Klondike will have you in a straight jacket, good challenging game.

  • Alysoun, sometimes I'll replay a klondike-1 4 or 5 times to see if I can get it. If no "aha" moment, then it's next. You're playing for your own satisfaction, so Insanity is up to you. Steam has been blown off now?

  • Sometimes I do remember a choice I made and have an "aha" moment and do it differently next time. But yeah, I just laugh at myself because 3-turn is generally harder. I have a superstitious ritual of clicking "new game" three times (Four shalt thou not count!) and see what comes up.

  • @Alysoun All praise to St.Attila.

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