Help with seahaven towers puzzle 3730015502.

Can provide a solution if that is allowed? I am stuck. Thanks in advance.


  • I solved it. There was a move I kept missing.

  • I always check to see if it's been won,so I know there is a solution and then I try not to make the last move something there is no space to do... Congrats on finding the solution.

  • That was a tricky one. Thanks for telling me there was a solution,

  • When you check "high scores" if people have a score of 52 that means they got out all the cards and solved the puzzle. So I knew there was a solution but couldn't figure it out.

  • barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED
    edited November 2019

    I always do that, but then it shows as a game-so you saved me that one. Tricky, but I figured it out. It had
    something to do with a jack...

  • Must admit it's a very difficult game for me.Had some limited success but I'm basically rubbish at it.Can I use age as an excuse?Certainly a challenge.

  • Just completed a game.......239th out of 1402.I'll settle for that.Play on!

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