A sea turtle

Don't ever underestimate the power of the seaturtle! This creature is at the top of the pile every time! Congrats!


  • Seaturtle?Top of the pile?Is this a new secret game I'm missing?

  • I thought that, according to legend, the turtle was at the bottom of everything and stood supporting the world.

    How that is connected to Green Felt remains a mystery.

  • graeme...I think it's something either homedoggy or Gerald is cooking up and not sharing until perfected.

  • Hello fingsaint,binky3.May well remain a mystery although homedoggy and Gerald could well be cooking something up.Turtle soup sounds delicious.However,it's chilli for supper.Starting to feel hungry now.Bye all.

  • I see that in today's games Klondike 3turn has sea turtle at the top at present

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