sea towers

what is the problem with this. one time out of hundred tries it gets solved. are all games solvable. i really hate it, frustrating how it never gets solved.


  • Sea Towers games can be solved....just requires lots and lots of patience and you have to go at it like it's a puzzle and not something you're playing on auto-pilot (like a lot of us play the regular solitaire games, no?) HINT: only the kings can be moved to the blank spaces. you can't move a stack of more than 4. and when the discard pile (top row of 4 ideal what the official name of it is) is full? can't move more than one card, ie: the more cards across the top the fewer cards you can move row-to-row. it takes a bit to figure this game out (at least for me) but, when i win a game, i know i WON a game!! :)

  • I have been playing Seahaven Towers for over twenty years, had it on my mac in the 90's and I still only win half the time. Just takes practice. So keep at it and I"m sure you win more games. Just relax and have fun! :) :)


    Sea Haven Towers is both Jim's and my favorite game. It's also the first solitaire game on the site. Greenfelt was a way for Jim and I to practice Javascript—he wrote Sea Haven Towers and I wrote Hopeless.

    It's definitely winnable. Not quite as winnable as Freecell but still nearly every game can be won. Check the high scores on a game you're stuck on—if anyone has scored 52 then it's solvable…

  • Just tried Sea Haven Towers.After a number of attempts did win one,but it takes some getting used to.It's all down to practice.The more you play the better you become.Enjoy the challenge.It's not the end of the world,it's just a game.Time for tea.

  • I love this game and I've been winning a lot more than I've lost. Just don't stack up the cards and move the lower cards to an accesible place.

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