Hopeless: Let user select the colors

Some color combinations are easy on the eyes. Others are downright painful, or at least more difficult to quickly distinguish neighboring blocks.
I'd imagine tastes in this regard are somewhat idiosyncratic, so I'm not suggesting you that you hardcode to a set of colors. Instead, some kind of simple UI for selecting the colors. Ideally, this could be saved as a user pref, but if that's not feasible then it would be no big deal to pick my fave colors each time.


  • I totally agree with this. Sometimes its almost painful. I have no concept of the mechanics necessary, so its restarts to land on a good combo for me.

  • I think in one of the vids that Gameguy posted...he made a move or two and then hit the icon to re-load the page and the colors changed, but it doesn't work for me. the colors on my cell phone seem to 'pop' a little better than my laptop.

  • Yeah, each time you reload a game, the colors change. But only the games on the High Scores board can be reloaded, so that doesn’t help with 99% of the games I play.

  • I agree, but not only that... the card style on Addiction could be the user's choice. I have a lot of trouble and therefore waste time trying to differentiate between some of the numbers and suits because they are so tiny. This is NOT the game that you want to waste time on!

  • If I am playing a game off of the High Scores board I will recycle to get good colors, if I am playing a new game and the colors are bad I will just go to another new game and not waste time on it. I am always looking for new games with what seems to be potential for a high score so I will often cycle through a lot of games I don't even play just looking. I know I have passed up games with potential because of the color combos.

  • @safire23 ...the cards on Addiction are smallish because you have to see the entire deck at one time. I don't think changing the font on the numbers or the style of the pips (the spots on the cards) would help much

  • Also @safire23 ...if you're looking for say a six of clubs...press the 6 on your keyboard and all the sixes ...is that a word?...will become highlighted.

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