Should I not be bothered?

There's a lot of irritating usernames that I'm willing to ignore (though why people think anyone cares about some random person's political beliefs, I'll never understand); however, the ones that are purposely and blatantly offensive (such as the individual whose "name" is actually an emoji flipping two sets of middle fingers at us) really bothers me.

The double f*** you is not clever or original or funny (if that's what the person thinks), and if they have hostile and angry feelings towards the world, does this display really make them feel triumphant? I mean what is going through their mind? Ha! That will show them! Now they know who's the best and they can just shove it you know where...

And now that I'm writing this I'm feeling a little foolish, since I know I should overlook it just as I overlook the people who define themselves only in political terms. But I will post it anyway since there's already too much unprovoked nastiness in the world. Please feel free to correct my thinking and help me see this as something less than objectionable.



    Where once you saw middle fingers, you now will see only hearts.

  • Imposter, yes, you should be bothered. Should you react to it? Probably not. My mother always told me that people tease just so they will get a reaction -- and I think the same principle applies here. They want a reaction, and if they don't get it, then it's no longer fun. I think David's response is good. Just get rid of the offensive name without making a fuss. Eventually they will give up. So, when you see something offensive, let David or Jim know about it and they will take care of it. I am bothered by all the nastiness in the world, too, and I really don't see any reason for it, but if you ignore it, then it's no longer fun for the perpetrator. I know David and Jim monitor the forum frequently, so they can take care of it.

  • While I dislike the blatant ploys, I try to recall that more people are safe, fed and free now than at any time in our history. True, there is always evil out there, but we are making progress. The only things we really notice is what's not good. Thus the good gets hidden behind the news. So, courage. There are many more happy people than not and only the "angry" do that stuff................

  • Thank you, David for editing this site. It must keep you busy!

  • I haven't seen the offensive username lately... Did David really manage to get it changed somehow? Thanks for listening!

    Now we need to get everyone to at least reconsider before they toss out gratuitously rude gestures or comments at groups of nice, harmless people. And the next step after that would be world peace. Can you do that too, David?

  • Agree, Imposter. The blatantly political "names" are annoying. Then I say to myself "At least they're playing Green Felt, watching state-sponsored TV and probably not causing too much damage in the world." Unlike the politicians they support.

  • Safe, fed and free. There are literally no words I have to say how much I disagree. But this is a games site. So, I'll leave that alone. Play on. I don't do protests at game sites.

  • Let's settle down and just be thankful for all the good things we have. Everyone have a good and productive, peaceful day!

  • lol when you hover your mouse over his brand new hearts you can see his original flipping fingers.

    And no I'm not bothered anymore. I assume this is just an "echo" of David's do-over or something like that. Or, if he did manage to embed his hidden gestures then more power to him. It actually got a laugh out of me.

  • OldDudeInKyotoFuOldDudeInKyotoFu REGISTERED
    edited August 2019

    @Imposter The user ID is not composed of emoticons, but of standard keyboard characters that are converted to emoticons when the user ID is displayed in those places that perform the conversion automatically. If the user ID is changed without notifying the person who registered it, they will no longer be able to log in. What David did was to insert code to automatically superimpose another emoticon over that original emoticon when it is displayed, leaving the original user ID intact. This allows the user to have his juvenile game while obviating any potential offense to other users. Because it is a superimposition and not a replacement, you will be able to see the original emoticon when you hover the cursor over it.

  • I think what these other players are saying why let it affect you in any way. I have seen worse and heard worse than you know. Most of us choose to play games, to escape from everyday's ups and downs, and what's going on around us, we all have problems we are not perfect. I am here to have fun and play games and leave the garbage that the world throws at us out with the rest of trash. Play on have fun.

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