How to solve

What would you like to see?

The game of the day and how to solve it and the end of the day. Thank you.


  • I don't understand your question , due to not enough information on what game you are talking about, which would help those to help you in anyway they can. and information on what issue you are having , as a new feature on most games say Forty Thieves in your toolbar on the game screen or what game you are playing you can click on SHOW RULES, and that will inform you of steps to play that particular game. I hope this is what you are looking for in your question, as far as game of day that is randomly chosen on daily basis by the site creators , and it is basically a bonus to all the players on this site, how to solve is just like most games have numbered 1-9999999999 in games, hopefully someone better can help you , and reasoning of game of day , which is played just like the many others. Play on have fun.

  • Maybe just an answer key to the games of the day? I have often wished for that. Sigh.

  • It’s funny because I thought I would be good at pyramid solitaire and I’m not really good and still learning more everyday. I will probably keep learning more about any of these games. Thank you for your help.

  • Games? Ya mean there's more than Freecell?

  • "Answer key" — David has said that he and Jim don't have a "solver" in software, so probably they don't know the answer, or an answer, or any answer to each GoTD. These would have to come from us the players. That could work I guess. One of the master players could start a thread here titled (e.g.) "Freecell GoTD 19july Answer Key" and reveal the direction of play that worked for him/her; others could chime in with their own solutions. DEM could post a video. :) Not that I'm assigning work or anything.

  • Well I would do it but freecell would be a disaster. lol

  • Lasso, sometimes I would like to see your sequence of cards in 40 Thieves when you can solve it and I can't come close.

  • Ask away, if there is a specific game. I have no secrets.

  • Forty Thieves game#1021164823

  • I'm on it.

  • This one is fairly straightforward. Stack everything that comes out of the pile except the 10 of diamonds and the 9 of hearts. Those are already on the board and you need room, so dont repeat cards. Farthest right is a 2 of clubs that can be stacked on the 3 you get from the pile. Leave the space empty until you can clear another. Get the hearts and clubs up and them bring cards out of the pile and consolidate. Autofinish.

  • Thanks lasso , have a good day!

  • While I would also love to see an "answer key" (especially for 40T games that others have won and in which my best score after several attempts is around 12), the only way to make such a thing available would be to have a play recorder feature that would, when a victorious sequence of moves has been made by a player, produce said sequence in some form that other players could see. In most games, at least, to find a winning sequence of moves via a computer program would be very difficult, requiring very powerful computing resources dedicated solely to running that program and no other. Jim and Dave probably have better things to do than write the necessary programs, and running them every day for every GotD would gobble up a significant quantity of processor time.
    The move recorder, though...that might be feasible, although it would still be more than a little work to create.

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