Black Card Faces

Cards fronts are coming up black in Safari ? Chrome still white.


  • Grab shot of cards

    600 x 375 - 344K
  • Playing on my MacBook pro the cards keep coming up black? This is on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, running High Sierra. Can't figure out why. Most of the time I play on my 13in MacBook over wifi and all is normal.


    That's really odd! Do you have some sort of "dark mode" enabled that could be turning large chunks of white into black?

    Does this image do the same thing?

  • No David I'm not using a dark mode. setting, I really never use Safari so it's not a problem, both firefox and chrome work fine. Just odd and was wondering if anyone else has run into this. As for the link, yes they are all black too. I'll have to go over to my other computer and post a png.

  • Here is a clip of the link you sent me. Only happens in Safari Version 12.1.1 (13607.


    I have no idea how Safari is rendering that PNG incorrectly, but the fact that it does completely explains why Green Felt looks the way it does.

    Now the question is, is the file corrupted or is Safari just rendering it wrong? And if it’s the former, did Green Felt send a corrupted file or did it get corrupted in transit or somewhere on you computer?

  • Please excuse my nose-sticking-in here, but I noticed that the desktop background color in the untitled.png screenshot is black. Might that have something to do with it?

  • I tossed the Safari icon in my doc opened Safari form the application folder and all is good. There was an update to Safari a couple of weeks ago and I guess my doc icon was not playing well with the application. I think that from now on I will be replacing doc icons any time something has an update. Thanks David and Jim <3 Greenfelt

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