rate on the basis of moves

Game: klondike
Game #: 454777702

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I had the lowest number of moves on the leader board vet scored in the 5o+ place. It takes more skill to make ferer moves than to speed especially since some of the speeders have found a way to cheat.


  • Well to only way to be rated as Number One and any game is to have both the fastest time and the fewest moves. B)

  • @jayG Thank you for your input , as you & many of us that play every day know that David & Jim do NOT allow cheaters... enjoy your games...

  • Why can't we just have fun and play games! Thanks jayG and goodtime2

    edited May 2019

    TARDIS, if you click on the game number you've posted above, the game will open up. Then click the High Scores button above the cards. You'll see that the heading Moves is underlined and orange. Click on Moves and the high score board will be ranked by moves and you'll see you're in first place. If you want to switch the High Scores box back to be ranked by time, click on the orange underlined Time.

    You can also change the scores, from Time to Moves, on any game on the Leader Board, the same way.

    I see this is the seventh discussion TARDIS has started about ranking scores by moves instead of time, since February 2018. For five of those they received the same answer I've just given. :smiley:

  • welcome to Punxsutawney ;)

  • Thanks Sage for the research on moves instead of time

  • Perhaps TARDIS deletes cookies regularly - the leader board and high scores default to "time" but will stay on "moves" if selected once and the cookies are left alone. It is so easy to toggle now, it shouldn't be a problem - and I thought the number of complaints has dropped dramatically since the leader board was updated by Jim not long ago.....

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