Enlarge Yukon Solitaire screen

Game: yukon
Game #: 2608142878

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  • A full screen of the solitaire

  • @LUlusaints There is a way you can enlarge your screen.. If you click on the 3 little dots lined up in the top far right corner of your screen. you click down to Zoom... click on the plus sign, and you can enlarge your screen. If it gets too large, you click on the minus sign to your liking. I hope that it works for you and you're able to enjoy playing the games. Have fun !!!

  • You have 2 basic options for enlarging screen or enlarging card size.
    1) in upper right you will see 3 dots vertically aligned click on that go down to were you see zoom , over on right side as mentioned click the box and click on that and it will enlarge your screen, was trying to but my computer was updating while attempting to send message.
    2) also on yokun game screen you may also click on SIZE in upper left , and enlarge your cards for best option.

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