Takes much more luck than skill in this game

Game: addiction
Game #: 1434268379

What would you like to see?

Like the game concept, but your chance of winning is too low.


  • I would like to see a way you could use strategy or skill to win.

  • Hey @Tigerjo ...Addiction is a weird amd wonderful game that I play often and usually wind up in the top 5% of players. It is rare that I defeat the game, so if that is your goal....
    Most times you have no choice as to where you place the cards, but when there is a choice I try to place the picture cards to the far right and line up other cards anywhere I can. There are times when you can exchange card for card in different rows. If the cards are lined up it goes pretty smoothly.
    Good luck and have fun.

  • There is definitely strategy to winning the game. The more plays ahead you can see before making a move, the better you can map out a winning strategy. If I play game and not win, but see that others have won it I will typically keep playing that game until I win it. too. Like homedoggy says, if you can move the face cards as far to right as possible it sometimes gives you more playing options that don't end the round as quickly.

  • Thanks for that little hint. That much improved my score.

  • Hardest game for me. I definitely rely on luck and randomness. Guess i am too dim.

  • ...also...libral use of the "undo" button.

  • Yes. My only conscious thought as i stumble through that game is not
    to leave a king at the end of a string.

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