find icon for your klondike game

Game: klondike
Game #: 682905477

What would you like to see?

I would like to ad an icon in the doc of a MacBook--
Where can I find one? -->


  • Are you talking about a picture in your username box photo, if so find a photo that you like as a photo, once you find one you like right click save as for example a picture of a park, animal, etc. when you save it name the file, it will go to a file explorer , then go to your username page click picture in box, click that a box will pop up it will say Choose File, click that , your file explorer will come up , on screen your saved file , click on image your named file will will appear , then return your to your username and click on download file and it will appear in your username photo. I hope this is what you are seeking as resolution to your query. Good Luck have any problems you can ask , and I or someone will help,

  • Disregard above message forgive me my brain cells aren't what they use to be, Go to Klondike game page click on Klondike next to Green Felt in upper left , right click , click save as in box again it will appear in File explorer, click on it and create file name again right click , a box will appear click on Send to and click on send to desk top it will automatically create icon you are asking about to your desktop , then you can open it when you choose, or in above taskbar click star and save it and drag it to your desktop, hopefully this will help you.


    Hi @Maryse, you can add a link to your doc by grabbing this link (or any other) to Klondike Solitaire - Green Felt and dragging it to the end of the doc that has the Trash (but not in the Trash!). Sadly, I get a blue sphere and not our nice spade icon in the doc. I don't get an Apple icon when adding adding Apple's site either, so I don't think it's something we are doing wrong per-se. Have fun!

    edited March 12

    Use the greenfelt png for your link icon.

    263 x 107 - 5K
  • Thanks jayG and Jim

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