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Game: klondike
Game #: 474094838

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Is there a way to display the top 100 or 1,000 scores. It is frustrating to be scored above the top 10 and not be able to see how I compare to others. E.g. if I am 42nd & my time is 3:35, is player 11 at 3:04 and all players between me and them differ by 1 second OR is player 11 at 1:02, one second slower than player 10 and player 41 is at 1:32 so there is a gap between me and them of 2:00 minutes.

Perhaps there is already a switch to allow seeing the longer leader list. But if not please add one.


  • I would like to see more names of top scorers for each individual game. Eg I only now see my own name with
    timing for that game. BUT it always says eg "1st of 20" Well why don't I see the names of at least some of those 20? It makes me feel lonely to only see my name for each game! If I have, say, 3 rtries before I solve a game I can see that my 3 tries seem to register as part of the 20. Thanks for a brilliant game.


  • Freecell. I would like to see more names for each game I solve. Eg my score may be displayed as "1st of 20" with my timing but I rarely see any other name displayed. Makes me feel lonely! I'm working my way through Freecell games from No 1 (years ago now!) and am in the 67000s now. Very relaxing, you do a great job


    @Burnleygirl, When it says "1st of 20" that 20 includes anonymous players, which aren't shown on the high score list.

    edited March 15

    @Gymlea, I’d like to see a context of 5 games above and 5 games below your own score plus the top 10. I’ve tried a few times to implement this, but I’ve had not luck so far. One day!

  • Whatever you achieve is fine and thank you for your efforts as they are greatly appreciated, Jim & David!

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