How do David and Jim stay so patient?

barzonymousbarzonymous REGISTERED

They have both made such a terrific game playing site and way too many people whine. Thanks for all you do to relieve stress and lower blood pressure.


  • I wish more people would enjoy what they have given us and not spend so much time complaining.

  • It's simple - they aren't human. They were exiled to earth from Radon (more advanced then Krypton) after having done some heinous and unspeakable act. They are now atoning for their transgression by keeping all of those addicted to GREENFELT serene and contented. The facts speak for themselves - they work on this site at least 23 hours out of 24 ergo they have no day jobs, they subsist by selling, on the black market, gold from the cargo hold of their starship. ALL PRAISE TO RADON!! Thank you emissaries of advanced knowledge for your kindness and forbearance, especially to those of the human subspecies "KVETCH" those sad humans who can not go 10 minutes without complaining that the world is against them, they can't win, their coffee is cold, it's too cold, it's too hot, my mother hates me, this game is rigged, everyone is cheating, ad nauseum..... May your exile be blessed.
    And thank you David and Jim, if that's your real names.

  • I wish I had said that. :/


    @Ptownpapa Don't tell everyone our secrets!

  • Was your planet made of Green Felt, by any chance?

  • I don't know but overall they do an excellent job! Thank you guys!!!

  • David & Jim have something that most of us can only dream of: the knowledge that they are making thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people happy every day. May their tribe increase.

  • I think it's more like millions every day

  • I am going to join in both compliments and thanks for David and Jim and their well designed and maintained Greenfelt games; as well as its forum for sharing.
    The secret is out! You both are creative, diligent, and caring!
    Our blood pressure is lower and our mind sharper thanks to you!
    Keep up the good work and tireless oversight of the site and it's integrity!!!


    @Fireweed, if it were millions, this could be out full time job! So tell your friends :smile:.

    @spidermum and everyone else, Thanks! Nothing pleases us more than knowing that people love the site.

  • I'll second that.

  • I'll "third" it. LOL. as I really do enjoy this site and they do a great job of being there for anyone that is having "game" problems. I've tried some of the other sites, but they can't come close to comparing to what this great, free site is. and it has brought many players to help them through their "timeouts" from everyday life or health problems. so with that being said, have fun and have a great day.

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