Klondike (3 Turn) scores

You can't legally finish a game in 47 seconds!


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    Is that a state, federal, or international, law? Because many of us, here, have done this. (Sorry, I can't get the GIF to show up in my comment...)


  • Hello Sage,Good picture of Clint Eastwood, don't know about legal or illegal laws on how long it takes to finish a greenfelt game , tho there are some on this site that are more technically advanced and have developed ways to play games more faster than some of us slow as a sloth or slug like me , wether legal or not it can be done.

  • Possible DeusExMachina can chime in and elaborate on technical aspects , I'm as dumb as a bag of rocks when comes to computers

    edited January 31

    As Gerald64 says, it can be done and it has been done consistently over the years. Please note: without the use of cheats or cheating programs or such things. Hundreds, if not thousands, of players have complained about such fast scores. If you click on Home or General Discussion above your post, a search bar will pop up. When you search "fast scores" "impossible scores" or such, a list of past discussions will appear and you can read the answers to other complaints.

  • Hello Marlborocountry.Yes you can.It's called experience and lots of practice.All quite legal and above board,but not necessarily the Leader Board.Play on.

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